Under One Roof Builders

Searching For The Home You Want Inside The Home You Have?

Under One Roof Builders is a residential remodeling contractor and custom homebuilder focusing on the needs of experienced homeowners and homebuyers. Our services will always be provided in a professional manner. We use trades with proven experience, vendors who understand customer service, and we believe building codes should never be compromised. To the best of our ability, we try to bring an “old school” mentality to all that we do.

Why do I want to remodel? - Planning on your part is crucial to the success of any remodel. Start with this question: why isn’t our home meeting our current needs, our what is it our home lacks that we would like to have? Make a list of the concerns you have with your home or desires you have for your home. Don’t design the solution just make a list. 

Make a budget. - This is more than just what you can afford to spend. Check out the prices of homes in your neighborhood. Does what you plan to spend make sense when you relate the costs to the value added to your home? How long are you planning to stay in your home after the remodel has been completed? 

What company do I choose to do this work? Home building takes months, remodeling takes weeks to months. You are going to be working with your contractor for an extended period of time. Make sure you team with someone that is a good fit. We specialize in custom homes, in-town cottage style homes and remodels that make a significant difference to the value, appearance and functionality of existing homes. Technical expertise is very import but good communication is a key element to the success of a project. Make sure you can communicate with whomever you hire. 

How do I get my project designed and who makes the selections for color, textures and trim? - There is a big difference between a technically proficient project and a project that is proficient and finishes with a “wow”! We can bring in architects and home designers, decorators and kitchen designers to help with decisions. They will add the “wow” to the project. You can help by looking at new homes, displays at stores such as Home Expo, and providing examples from magazines. I tend to build traditional homes and have found great trim ideas in magazines similar to Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living and This Old House. For traditional mudrooms, laundries, dinning rooms and kids bedrooms I have found Pottery Barn’s catalogs to be a great resource. There, I have given up a trade secret. 

How concerned should I be with using a company that understands and adheres to building codes? - Building code should never be compromised. You need a contractor that has had code training and stays abreast of code changes. Building code is constantly being revised and is interpreted differently by different localities. We go through code training in some fashion each year. Truly, the only way to keep up with code is by building everyday and having your work inspected by local code officials. Meeting code standards makes all contractors better builders. 

It’s not a race. - Building a home or doing a significant remodel is a complicated process. Many decisions have to be made, some of them actually are in concrete, and there can be significant expense involved. Unless you are in a rush, we are not in a rush to get your project started. We will work with you and help get the decisions made. 

This costs more than I expected! - My goal is to sleep well at night and to be a solid example to my children, and soon grandchildren. We listen to your requests and provide a scope of work and cost to meet your requests. Since remodel work requires the builder to work with the building he is provided there are times when corrections need to be made to make the contracted job come out right. These issues will be brought to your attention and priced before work continues. This happens and you should not expect added costs to be that significant. If you home has significant problems we should notice that before the scope of work is written. Also remember that remodeling often requires some destruction before the construction. 

Large and complicated remodels can be accomplished on a cost-plus basis. The homeowner pays the invoices generated by the construction with an added agreed upon fee to the builder. This process is often used in the construction of large custom homes. 

Get Excited! - I know there are many sad stories about unethical builders. Chose a builder that has experience with serious construction projects, stay away from “Handy Man” types. If you interview established builders than you can most likely trust your judgment and get started. Get excited about the end result and enjoy the process.